A huge slab of rock has been discovered on the side of a volcano in the Canary Islands, threatening to slip into the sea and precipitate a tsunami which will destroy the East Coast of theUnited States.  Undeterred by the enormous size of the problem, and concerned by the lack of active interest in the threat it poses to the Western World, Jason Fairfield, an American geologist, who has been studying the rock for several years, plans to continue his investigations in an attempt to develop a method to predict the starting of the rockslide.  On a field trip to the island, Jason meets coincidentally with Jenny Dexter, a woman friend who is also an Officer in his Home Guard Unit.  He notices a strange box in the trunk of a car on the ferry to the island, that starts his thinking.

A series of events ensues, leading them to suspect that a terrorist group linked to al Qaeda is planning to precipitate the rockslide and destroy the economies of the Western World.  They bring in the CIA in an attempt to avert the danger, but are forced to act alone.

Tsunami is the fourth book in the Integra series, with references to Integra, Run! and Ransom, but it can be equally enjoyed on its own.

This book is available as an eBook by clicking here.


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