Tom Brentwood, a London Attorney, has retired after the sudden death from cancer of his wife.  He is diving from his catamaran off the beach at Cap Gris Nez on the French Cote d’Azure when he notices that the keel of another yacht, recently arrived, has an unusual bulbous configuration.  He goes by dinghy to Villefranche, and on the way he notices a strikingly beautiful photographic model on the beach, then, that evening, as he is enjoying dinner in a local restaurant while waiting for a rainstorm to pass, he meets her.  He invites her to lunch on his yacht, andAliceaccepts, taking immediately to this quiet, unassuming man.

They are joined on the yacht by Brent Atwood, the man who purchased Tom’s law practice.  At dinner that evening in the same restaurant, Tom overhears some words in an Afrikaans dialect that he learned as a child inCape   Town, spoken by the men that Tom believes arrived on the yacht.  He ties the words together with the shape of the keel, and tells the others of his suspicions.  The men become suspicious, kidnappingAliceand striking viciously at Tom and Brent.

Tom escapes the trap they set, and manages to rescueAlice.  The men evade the search for them, until Tom and Alice meet up with the yacht again as the men pursue their plan to bring death and destruction to elements of theUnited States and Europe.

Terrorist may be purchased as an eBook by clicking here.


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