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Population – a Book by Nicole Stuart

2 Jun

A university Professor is obsessed by the threat of the growing world population.  He calculates that the world will be submerged beneath a tide of uneducated poor, whose sole aim will be to eat whatever food the world is able to produce, until there is no more.  He is scorned by his peers and his audience, who are, unfortunately, unable to convince him that his proposal to allow the poor to die is not the only way to solve the problem.

Max and Ann learn of the Professor’s theories, and they start to consider a more humane alternative, believing that the better route is to provide adequate food for the poor at an affordable price, so allowing them to devote more time and energy to lifting themselves out of the poverty trap, to gaining the education that will free them of their shackles of poverty.  They use a product produced by an Integra subsidiary as an ingredient in a new type of food that provides the nutrition needed by the poor, but their success draws them to the attention of Joseph Mbonani, a rapacious raider of companies who uses his influence in State bodies and banks to blackmail the owners of target companies to hand him a share of their companies.  The alternative to capitulation is staring them in the face – Mbonani has stalled their loan application to a bank of which he is a Director, and he threatens the imposition of penalties by the Revenue Services, an organisation with draconian powers and no moral inhibition in applying them.  There seems to be no escape from the trap he has set!

Max makes contact with Integra, and is invited to discuss the situation.  As he is preparing to fly to Germany, he becomes aware that the Police have been drawn into the plan by Mbonani.  They escape and reachGermany, where they convince Integra to support their plan.  Once the business is operating well in its new home, Max and Ann turn their attention to Mbonani, and soon find that he is involved with the Professor in a business that uses Food Aid to kill the recipients!

‘Population’ may be downloaded by clicking here

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