Jeff Tobin, a mathematician, becomes obsessed with the predictions of Thomas Malthus.  Over the course of years, he develops a means to intervene in what he sees as the unchecked growth in the population of poor people, people who have no means of dragging themselves out of the poverty trap.  Max Walton, a successful serial entrepreneur, is working with Ann Markgraaff to develop an affordable and palatable food for the poverty-stricken of the world, but they are waylaid by Joseph Mbonani, a ruthless man who exploits his position of power and influence with banks and  the South African Government to demand a majority shareholding in their company, promising various actions by the Revenue authorities and the Police if they fail to comply, as well as a refusal by the banks to provide funding.

Reluctant to accede to this demand, they turn to Integra Corporation to provide funding to assist their business plan.

Realising that they have a moral obligation to act on their knowledge, they turn their attention to the companies where Mbonani’s blackmail has succeeded, and find that he and Tobin have joined in a conspiracy to commit genocide on a continental scale.  They set about a daring plan to bring about the collapse of Mbonani’s empire.

Population is one of the Integra series, following Integra, Run!, Ransom, Tsunami, Hydrocarbon, and Lost, but it is equaly enthralling as a stand-alone book.

Population may be obtained as an eBook by clicking here.


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