Ken Robson, an environmental scientist, is sailing alone across the Atlantic. Contrary to the forecast, an unexpected storm moves onto the area. A day into the storm, he receives a faint VHF emergency call from a yacht sinking some distance away. He forces his aging yacht through the increasingly intense conditions, racing to the rescue. He arrives in time to rescue Erika, the young wife of the owner of Integra Corporation, a very large privately-owned corporation in Germany, but her husband is lost with their sinking yacht in the storm. Returning to Germany, they are immersed in a fight to save the company from the results of the criminal actions of some Manager.
The book covers the problems of rescue in heavy weather at sea in a small boat with real knowledge – the author has undergone a similar event personally. It also deals with a number of aspects of business and places which the author knows well, including the detection of fraud in an honest company, and the severe results it may produce.

Integra may be purchased as an eBook by clicking here.
Integra is the forerunner of a series of books related to the Integra theme.


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