Jim Orwell, the owner of a small chemical manufacturing business infresno, is vacationing at lake misty in centralcalifornia.  He meets Dianne Richards, a chemist, and, as a result of an unlikely coincidence, they see a glass fibre boat parked at the jetty disintegrate before their eyes.  Their interest piqued, they investigate the water, and discover a situation that has the potential to destroy the world economies.  They are able to extrapolate the information they have discovered, and to realise that immediate action is required to defuse the threat.  Their attempts to inform the authorities bring them into conflict with a fanatical religious cult that is intent on bringing the world back to a ‘purer state’, destroying the development that they see as an affront to God’s plan for humanity.

They turn to Integra to assist them, and establish an organisation to save the waters of the world, racing to beat the threat that is spreading rapidly around the world, invading the heartland of civilizations.  In order to achieve this, they develop opportunities and businesses throughout the world.

This book is the fifth in the Integra series, and follows Integra, Run!, Ransom, and Tsunami, but can be enoyed on its own.

Hydrocarbon is available as an eBook by clicking here.


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