Penelope Gartner arrives inJohannesburgwith Tom Perkins, an aspirant musician, to collect a LandRover owned by friends, to drive it toMaputoAirportto collect Jensen and Elizabeth, and then to Silver Shoal, a diving and fishing camp in centralMozambique.  Penelope finds that Tom is a drunk and a boor, and, worse, wants to sleep with her, and cannot understand that she has no desire for that.

The vacation turns into something of a nightmare for Penelope as she avoids Tom’s advances and tolerates his bad manners.

After a few days at the camp, Penelope overhears a conversation in a foreign dialect between two men visitors to the camp office.  Concerned at her understanding of the content of the conversation, she alerts Ben, one of the owners of the camp.  The telephone system is down, so they drive to the Police to warn them of an impending hijacking of a shipment, but the hijackers are several steps ahead.  Penelope and Ben are hamstrung by the precautions the criminals have taken, and are forced to act on their own.  The hijackers, secure in the belief that their unrestrained violence will allow them to succeed, fail to take into account the rage that they have awoken in their two opponents.

The result is a series of murders, a gunfight at night in the African bush and a boat battle at sea.

Hijack may be purchased as an eBook by clicking here.


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