Extinction Event

The time is now.

John Carter has sold his IT business, and is relaxing atYellowstoneto consider what he should do now.  Helen Lindstrom, a young scientist is studying the volcanic magma cauldron underlyingYellowstoneto complete a Ph D thesis.  She meets John, and he takes her findings to the next step, realising that they, together with the rest of humanity, are facing an extinction event, an event that has the potential to destroy the entire human species.

Their attempt to warn the officials is fruitless in the face of political inertia.  John and Helen decide that their only alternative is to find a place where they can survive.  They do this in Montagu, an idyllic location in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, and they set about making the preparations that will enable them, and a select few others, to survive the worst catastrophe ever faced by humanity.

The threat is present and real.  The explosion of the volcano atYellowstonecould happen tomorrow.  The story of how Helen and John build a survival team and prepare to be tested is one that will make you think:  ‘How would you react if you knew that the end of the world will happen next month?’

Extinction Event may be purchased as an eBook by clicking here.


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