Chain Reaction

Ron Carstens, the owner of several businesses inNew Yorkand a shareholder in a boat rental business in theBahamas, arrives at his vacation hotel inParadise Island,Bahamas, and meets Jane Smith, the former roommate of Helen Lindstrom.  Her room booking, won as a prize in a TV contest, has been bumped as a result of overbooking of the hotel.  As a struggling doctoral student, she cannot afford to rent another room.  On an impulse, he offers her a berth in a rental boat he will be using to cruise the islands and then deliver to a maintenance yard inMiami.  She accepts, and their week on the boat together leads to a strong attraction between them.

After their return to theUS, a coincidence leads to a discussion with Antonio, a restaurant owner who has heard an exposition of Helen’s findings and expectations.  That leads to Jane investigating further, and obtaining a copy of Helen’s Ph D dissertation, still under consideration by the University.

They decide to extend a planned test cruise of Ron’s new catamaran, and are sailing west fromHawaiiwhen the eruption occurs, creating a huge rockslide, followed by a gigantic tsunami.  As a result of their knowledge of what to expect, they are able to survive the waves, and to rescue a small family whose boat was pitchpoled by the waves.  They sail on, seeking any surviving remnants of civilization.  It takes them three years to join up with Helen and John Carter’s group inMontagu,South Africa, where a small group of people are working to build a new civilization.

Chain Reaction is a sister book to Extinction Event.

Chain Reaction may be obtained as an eBook by clicking here.


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