About Nicole Stuart

Nicole Stuart has enjoyed a career as Management Consultant in many countries. This has exposed her to many new and sometimes unusual ways of seeing problems and situations, and reassessing many ‘urban legends’. This set off a process of trying to understand why some people understand a particular situation in a certain way, and others in a totally different way. She also became concerned about the tendency of news reports to be given in a ‘sound bite’ way, persuading people to believe that they know much more about the subjects of the reports than they actually do.
Nicole has published a successful blog to provide a somewhat different point of view to matters that may have taken on a set of connotations, often initially unquestioned, and that may have taken on an aura of truth and fact. Many of the subjects covered in the blogs have been the result of Nicole being confronted with matters of particular idiocy on the part of one or more Governments or Authorities, of clear cases of unfair exploitation and corruption, or of public people using the tactics of the great criminals of the past, such as Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin or J Edgar Hoover.
In the process of publishing the blogs, she was requested by numerous readers to provide more factual information regarding clear and present dangers that she had identified. She has responded to these requests by writing a series of novels, many of which are based on her broad international experience of business or on situations that either exist now or are capable of becoming real in the near future. Many of these novels deal with stories and circumstances that need to be told. Each one deals with a particular threat in an entertaining and excitement manner, and many present the reader with the question: “What would I do in this situation?”
The novels resulting from these efforts were initially published in traditional print form, and the feedback convinced Nicole to find a publisher for her work in eBook format. It appears that this format is becoming the format of choice, particular for those readers who are mobile and want to take their library with them!


One Response to “About Nicole Stuart”

  1. Thomas October 28, 2014 at 3:17 pm #

    Dear Nicole,
    I am writing a book, short story about my obssesion – searching for new energy sourse, both in spirital and fhysical way. I was so obssesed with this topic, because I didn’t have enough energy by myself.
    The e-book Will be short, I just need someone to translate it in english. Can you give me a good advise for my first book ?
    Here is example how I was inventing this machine, this is attempt from 1991 :

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