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Preparation – a book by Nicole Stuart

14 Jan

The CO2 concentration is growing, world temperatures are rising, the ice caps are melting. Huge hurricanes and ice storms batter the northern continents. And still the Governments of the world do nothing!
Justin, a scientist, convinces his wife that now is the time to make the preparations to save their lives. They realize that preparation will be critical for their survival, if the worst were to happen in the near future. They start planning, and are surprised to find that numerous others are as concerned, and also willing to turn that concern into action. They find a place that, they think, has at least a chance of surviving the catastrophe that is heading their way, then they discover that the weather and the rising seas are not the only threats!
Nicole Stuart has evaluated the threat and its implications, and her tale of how ordinary people manage to survive, and to retain what makes them human, makes enthralling reading!
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