Meteor Impact

23 May

The Earth appears to be everlasting.  But 65 million years ago, an asteroid the size of a small mountain hit the Earth, flinging huge amounts of vaporized rock and dust into the atmosphere.  The dinosaurs, a species that had dominated the planet for 150 000 000 years were wiped out of existence, together with 90% of all other life on Earth. 

An unlikely event?

Not at all!  Here are about 26 000 substantial objects presently orbiting the sun, each large enough to cause a catastrophic event in a collision with the planet, and each subject to changes in their path by gravitational effects.  We presently know the paths of only about 2 000 of them – less than 10%!  This discounts the objects not in solar orbit, objects that we will probably not know about until they are within days of impact with our home planet!

Jeff Ambrose is an amateur astronomer.  He is hunting for a supernova, but notices that some of the stars in the constellation he is watching blink out of sight for a few seconds at a time.  Tracking this phenomenon, he realises that he has found a number of large objects racing through Space towards the Earth!  He tries to enlist the aid of the National Space Agency, but is blocked by politically-connected people who want to claim the glory for themselves.  Enlisting the aid of Andie Morrison, a brilliant young scientist, he escapes the trap that has been set for him and heads for Germany, where a massive privately-owned corporation has the imagination and courage to back his effort to warn the countries of the world.

The group must work to develop a detailed understanding of the objects, to develop new ways of knocking them off their course and to deal with the aftermath of the multiple impacts, all the time fighting off fringe fanatics who see the threat as the realisation of the many prophecies of the end of the world.

‘Meteor Impact’ is the result of considerable study of the likely events surrounding this possible, even probable, challenge to our lives.  It is available at


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