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26 Feb

Have you ever felt that true justice is available only to the wealthy?  That is often the truth.  John Davis was confident that he would win the lawsuit against a man who had taken him for a ride.  He had built his business carefully and honestly.  Solly Abrams promised to market John’s products, and placed a big order, on the proviso that he would get the sole selling rights to the most lucrative markets.  John delivered the goods and Solly promised to pay.  Eventually, John’s patience ran thin and he demanded performance by Solly, in terms of sales and of payment for the goods delivered.  Then, when the deadline was about to expire, Solly pulled a classical stunt.  John got the message, he thought, and cancelled the sole selling rights.  Solly responded with a claim that John believed to be frivolous, but he had no other choice – it was: sue Solly for payment or lose his business and three year’s hard work.

That was when John’s nightmare began!  He found that justice can sometimes – often – be bought, by paying for legal expertise, by employing legalised delaying tactics, or by buying the Judge.  When John recovered from the shock of the huge judgement against him, he decided that honest people needed an avenue to true justice, and he and some associates provided that avenue.

It did not take John too long to find that what seems to be true justice is sometimes less satisfying than the flawed legal system!

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